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Copyright GAMEMATRIX © 2000
by Blake Dowd

This page was made with my Sega Dreamcast! No Spoon.wav
GAMEMATRIX is here to make web surfing easier for all internet gamers.

11/30/02 well that was quick. The topic hit 500, so I started a new one.
Superjump Par 2
11/29/02 Here are a few more pics of facial expressions...
Asleep Face Face...and... Scared Face
11/28/02 I found the superjump of Vice City!!!
Here's the link!
11/27/02 I've added some pictures of what I'm doing in MAYA. Take a gander...
Perplexed Face...and... Waving Building
11/26/02 I got the PC at the beginning of the semester. I't 2,8 GHz though. I also added a second DVD drive.
11/25/02 I guess I should update the games info. I played PristonTale for a while on the PC and that was alot of fun. I liked Ragnarok as well. I'm currently only playing GTA: Vice City. It turned out to be a stand alone game instead of an add on. It a sweet game, and I like this series more than any other I think. I'm currently working on finding a superjump in VC with my spare time. I believe I can make one at the lighthouse. Only time will tell. ...Now back to work on MAYA...
5/22/02 I should be getting my new PC any day now. 2.5 Ghz, 2 gigs of RAM, a DVD-r/CD-r drive and a 128 G-Force 4. I can't wait...
5/21/02 I've been playing Homeworld and I love it. It really reminds me of the book Ender's Game.
5/1/02 I beat System Shock 2, and in my opinion, it's better than Deus Ex. Now that's hard to do...
3/28/02 I got Deus Ex for the PS2 and I can see why it got game of the year in 1999 for the PC. I'm having alot of fun with it.
3/1/02 I have now put GTA3 on a pedistal as my favorite game of all time. Apparently GTA Miami will be an online add-on too. :) The super jump and underworld are making the game last forever.
1/1/02 Happy New Year...
11/27/01 I got me a PS2 and THPS3. Now all I need is a modem. ;)
11/1/01 I've been playing alot of Vagrant Story. I just can't seem to get enough.
10/27/01 Did I metion I love Panzer Dragoon Saga? Well I do. ;) In my opinion, it's the best RPG ever created. It would be a blessing if there was a sequal to it. PDS2 has a nice ring to it. :)
10/9/01 The I.AM redirect was taken away, so I'm making some changes to the websites.
9/11/01 The World Trade Center in New York was attacked.
8/19/01 I'm really interested in an arcade game by Sega, called "Crackin' DJ". I can't seem to find a Texas location, but I'm workin on it. Two turntables and a fader makes the perfect DJ game.
8/18/01 I've been playin Dance Dance Revolution for 4 weeks now and I'm totally hooked. Extra mix is in the mail. I just saw a tournament at Cyber Zone in Richardson Square mall. It was incredible and very educational. I hope more of you can realize the depth and fun of DDR. ;)
6/30/01 It's my birthday and I'm 24. I've been playing Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX. It looks a little dated, but it's a great game. I finished the second skate park for THPS2 and posted it at booyaka.
6/18/01 Lyn was nice enough to let me borrow his DC. I just completely beat THPS2. I have made and added a custom skate park at, and I'm working on a few others. Just a few weeks until my birthday...
5/28/01 Well, someone robbed my apartment. I lost the PS2, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Altec Lansing speakers, 3 DVD's and about 20 games. GAMEMATRIX is gameless. :(
5/24/01 I got a new mouse so I'll be makin a few changes. I just got Zelda: Oracle of Seasons after beating Zelda: Majora's Mask.
4/18/01 I spilled beer on my mouse. LOL So the updates will be more spread out for a bit. Feel free to post anything at the boards. I'll repsond as soon as I see it.
4/15/01 Happy Easter! GameMatrix has been around for a year! :)
4/7/01 is now up and running. It's the first step in making this a much bigger site. Easter will be the 1 year anniversary of GAMEMATRIX.
4/1/01 Conkers BFD is one one of the most twisted games I have ever owned. :) Truly a one in million game.
3/23/01 Zone of Enders and ATV Offroad Fury are my new PS2 games. The Metal Gear Solid 2 demo w/ Z.O.E. is really cool too. Funny how I still like PSO the best. :) That's a sign of a good game. PSO ver2 will be mine, oh yes! ;)
2/1/01 I've made a few other characters in PSO. tron007 in my blue human ranger, C3PO is my yellow hunter-bot, Shinobi is my red and black human hunter, and Trinity is my red and black migit elf hunter. ;)
1/1/01 Phantasy Star is the best game ever created. Chances are if your reading this, I gave you my card. Please say hi in my messege board. I go by Neo and i look like LINK. I hang out in ship TITANIA block 13. Team GAMEMATRIX, password: 777. See ya soon...
11/8/00 Jet Grind Radio is the coolest game ever! Check out my tags at booyaka. They'll give the cops a reason to chase you. Go to my JGR/JSR community
11/6/00 Quake 3 Arena and Zelda: M.M. are my new games. If you want play me in Q3, then post at my board.
9/15/00 NFL2K1 is awesome. If you wanna play, then post at my board. See you in the matrix.
7/6/00 New Jet Set Radio Board is up to trade .JPG's and chat at JetSet
6/30/00 It's my birthday! I'm 23. I got Jet Set Radio today!
6/19/00 If you have a CD burner than you can play imports with the CDX demo for free. Just click HERE to see how.
6/18/00 Happy Fathers day, Dad! ;)
6/7/00 Sorry I haven't updated sooner. I just got the 2.0 browser. Test these Shenmue MP3's if you have it. Shenmue1 and Shenmue2
5/14/00 Happy Mothers Day, MOM! (Ł)
5/9/00 will be up soon. I added a picture I did as a preview for the new thumbnails.
5/4/00 Added a counter.
5/1/00 Changed the page for easier surfin'.
4/29/00 I now have a Message Board
4/27/00 You can now get here by typing,, or No www. or .com needed.
4/26/00 You can now get here by typing,, or
4/25/00 I opened GAMEAPOLLO
(under construction)
4/23/00 easter sunday, first day making this web†page with my dreamcast E-MAIL ME!

This is a picture I did as a senior in high school.

This is my cat, Hatfield.

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